Social Information Related to Foreign Experts

1. Educational Policy
At present, foreign experts working in Guangdong have many choices to give their children a good education. They can individually send their young generation to some international schools and all sorts of other ones that have the qualifications to admit the foreign students. (For more concrete information on admission, please directly contact the school considered.)
2. Social Security
For those foreign experts holding Residence Card of Guangdong Province, their employers can apply to Social Security Administrations at all levels for social security on their behalf by the number of the Residence Card. This number will also be the number of their Social Security. (For further information, please contact: 020-38818855)
3. Banking Service
The foreign experts with Residence Card of Guangdong Province can open an account with any bank inside Guangdong Province by providing the number of Residence Card, and hereinafter have liberty of depositing into and withdrawing from the bank account. With tax payment certificate and supporting documents, the foreign experts can convert into foreign currency their legal income in Chinese currency during their employment in Guangdong Province and remit the amount to overseas destination through banks handling foreign exchange business. (For further information, please go to the bank close to the residence.)
4. Drive and Transportation
With Residence Card of Guangdong Province, the foreign experts can apply for driver's license and purchase car in their own names, and have access to various civil transportation services while enjoying the same treatment as permanent residents in the province. (For further information, please contact: 020-83111554)
5. Health and Medical Care
The health system in Guangdong covers the whole province. There are hospitals in almost every city where patients can get treatment without having to travel too far. Foreign experts may have the special treatment of Chinese traditional medicine. Foreign experts can buy the necessary medical insurance in Guangdong or abroad. Some particular issues concerning foreign experts'medical care may be covered in the contract. (For the information of Guangdong's big hospitals, please visit http://

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