Professionals organize people's space outside and in

When people are willing to purchase houses but cannot afford the required space, professional organizers offer solutions.

In recent years, professional organizer has become a popular occupation in particular among young people. It was also included in a number of new jobs recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on January 15.

Through professional knowledge and skills, a professional organizer helps clients plan and make rational use of their existing accommodation area. They can effectively organize and store items, so as to make people feel comfortable in their current living and working space. In short, they deal with the relationship between objects and space scientifically.

"At first, many people's understanding of sorting and storage was simply that sorting is throwing away things, and storage is putting things in order, or some people would think this is routine housekeeping," said Vivian Hu, one of the professional organizers. "However, they will find it not that simple. An excellent organizer will subtly change the client's living habits and way of thinking through arrangement, which is the real meaning of the occupation."

Hu said she was deeply attracted by the concept when she read the book "Danshari: Shin Katazukejutsu" for the first time in 2013.

"Danshari" is actually a kind of life philosophy. It comes from the yoga practice philosophy of "breaking away." So, it is not a simple way of throwing things.

"Later, I learned that there was a job to fulfill the practice in Japan, which was very interesting and completely consistent with my career vision. So I decided to give up my previous job as a senior executive and became a professional organizer," Hu added.

"It is a kind of living in the present view of life, sorting out your own heart, sorting out your cognition of yourself and life. It is also from the outside to the inside. What helps to change is not only the clean and bright exterior of the living room, but also the chaotic interior of the residents.

"Through effective organizing, it can really help personal growth, smooth the relationship between family and work, improve literacy and quality of life, and even create a different life!"

Hu launched professional organizing business and founded the brand "Jiangxin Huiliju" in 2016 to provide clients professional organizing services and related training programs.

Over the past five years, she and her team have served hundreds of families, companies and individuals. Jiangxin Huiliju is also the first organization to launch professional office organizing services in China.

"We always adhere to professionalism, and have provided services for consular offices, government agencies, communities, social organizations, universities and enterprises," she said. "At the beginning, almost every one of my clients would ask me why I was engaged in the business. I said it's because I saw the more valuable and deeper significance of organizing."

Hu said it was not difficult to become a professional organizer.

"As long as you like and are willing to learn ..." she said. "But to be an excellent one, you need to constantly accumulate all kinds of knowledge and skills."

"It is a comprehensive knowledge system of space design, environmental art, item display, clothing collocation, psychology, colorology, ergonomics, economics and so on. Of course, it also needs the most common sense and experience."

The target group of the business is mainly young professionals, who are often busy with work. But they have a lot of items and can't put them in order by themselves.

"At the same time, amid consumption upgrading, there is a big gap between the demand and supply of professional organizers, which means more opportunities for us," said Hu. "In addition, more and more companies also pay attention to the professional organizing of office space as a clean and comfortable environment can improve efficiency."

Last but not the least, Hu said: "Many people worry that it is difficult to maintain tidiness after organizing. In fact, our professional organizers ultimately help us establish the habit of sorting. Once we have these two weapons, we will never repeat the same mistakes."

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