Digital tickets to be used for vocational training

A total of 500,000 digital tickets will be given to people who need vocational training this year, the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau said today.

The bureau aims to cover all government-subsidized vocational training with such tickets next year to encourage workers to take part in training and improve the management of training programs and related subsidies.

Previously, people had to pay for the training themselves and apply for subsidies accordingly.

In the future, the digital tickets will help people search for suitable training programs and verify their eligibility for subsidies. The tickets will be used to register for training programs, and subsidies can be paid directly into people's bank accounts if they pass the training assessment and meet related requirements.

People can get training tickets on the application of the bureau as well as the WeChat and Alipay mini programs of social security card with their real-name accounts.

Some tickets are directly distributed to training programs, and can be automatically drawn from and used when people participate in trainings.

Special tickets are also available for attendees to sign into each class during trainings.

The bureau said it will develop more functions for digital tickets to support services, including labor data analysis and development of life-long training records for employees, as well as job searches and recommendations.

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