Qingpu increases efforts to attract more overseas talent

Qingpu District has been making itself a better place to attract overseas talent.

The district officially started attracting overseas talent last year. It has been arranging full-time personnel to facilitate the settlement of overseas returnees, residence permits and project recommendations to improve the one-stop service for qualified people.

A total of 101 returnees have applied online for Shanghai hukou, or Shanghai permanent residence permits.

Also, 27 overseas professionals have made online application for residence permits, and so far, 18 of them have received their permits.

In order to increase the recruitment of overseas talent and respond to their needs, the district has actively coordinated and negotiated with the human resources and social departments of Wujiang and Jiashan areas of neighboring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces respectively.

The aim is to break through the barriers of system data across administrative regions, optimize the work process and establish an effective long-term strategy for overseas talent to work in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The district's human resource and social security bureau issued in February the first trans-regional residence permit to Boon Sing Ang, a Malaysian who works in Wujiang of Suzhou City in Jiangsu.

He said the residence permit made it easier for companies to attract all kinds of overseas talent to work and live in the Yangtze River Delta Demonstration Zone.

"We work and live in the demonstration zone. The residence permit makes our life more convenient and brings a sense of belonging," Ang said.

To promote the convenient and reasonable flow of talent and unleash the development momentum, the district has established the Qingfeng talent policy system.Measures regarding the promotion of demonstration zone are published. Supportive measures such as providing project funding and special incentives will be offered.

Guo Qiang Georg Feng, a foreign talent located in Jiashan County who runs a technology company in Jiashan, received his trans-regional residence permit. As the first foreign talent in Jiashan to get the permit, he said that he had been living in two cities for many years, working in Jiashan County and living in Qingpu.

"With the Shanghai residence permit for overseas people, it is more convenient for me to take the high-speed rail train and plane," he added.

The district launched an online human resources market platform in June, activating important measures for the Internet and mobile resource sharing, policy coordination and service integration.

The platform merges government public welfare job search, recruitment and training into the human resources market in the Yangtze River Delta and provides one-stop services for employers and job seekers.

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